Beauty Media TV can stream a mix of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle related content while educating your customers on your products, services and benefits.

Proper Hair Care

Use videos to inform customers about regular hair care and maintenance.  From the educational content on the screen, your customer will learn helpful tips to maintain healthy hair. You’ll find that customers appreciate the valuable information making them more responsive to your guidance beauty enhancements and the latest styles and trends resulting in return visits.

Highlight Products & Services

Forget about creating flyers or brochures that sit around collecting dust and cluttering up your front desk. Animated messaging with bright colors is eye-catching and a far more engaging way to showcase products and services. Videos have greater impact! And you’ll be able to get rid of those old magazines and paper clutter.

Become a Beauty Expert

With up-to-date beauty news, tips and information shared through your digital signage display, you’ll become a thought leader and a great knowledgeable resource. Which will build trust and strengthen your client relationships

Reduce Perceived Wait Time

When customers are enjoying their surroundings, time passes more quickly reducing perceived wait time.